Our Cuore di Mamma (Mom’s heart) collection is an invitation to LET THE LOVE FLOW, whereas is from a STYLISH TEEN GIRL or a STURDY DANCING KID to their GOLDEN MUMS or from a POETIC MUM to her DAZZLING DAUGHTER!

A Cuore di Mamma comes to life in its pure simplicity to celebrate once again the MOST HONOURABLE AND INTIMATE LOVE ON EARTH.

We wanted to celebrate this unspoken bond by transforming emotions into precious, timeless pieces, inspired by love in its purest form: the perfect pieces to tell your loved one that you are connected and forever belong together.

The collection uses geometrical shapes to evoke the most precious life memory that make us feel loved and protected: the feeling of warmth given by a mother’s hug

A collection built around a bespoke piece of jewelry blending LOVE, PRECIOUS METAL, DIAMONDS and TIMELESS AESTHETIC!

Designed for every occasion, each color of our precious stones, kept safe in our signature cube as in a mother’s hug, represents the different nuances of the unbreakable bond between mothers and babies: tenderness (pale orange Moon Stone), strength (deep blue Kyanite) and energy (light green Chrysoprase).

Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed on the personal drawing, sketch or photo made by you or by your beloved ones.

Choose the one that suits you more and if you wish make it personal by replacing the little heart on our cube with the initial of your little ones!

LET’S MAKE YOUR LOVE A THING! Send us your unique Cuore di Mamma and we’ll take care of everything else.