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At Margherita and B we love each and every piece we make and we really would llike them to last a lifetime!

Sooooo, here’s how to take care of them.

Store your Margherita and B piece separately all the time to protect it from knocks and scratches.

This will also keep it away from air and humidity which are the main cause of silver oxidation.

You can make your tarnished silver pieces shine again like new by cleaning it with a special cloth.

Gold plated sterling silver jewellery has a gold patina over itself, which tends to disappear naturally over time. It is not recommended to wear gold plated jewellery when you are sleeping, swimming or doing sports as this would speed up the natural process of fading. As it would be better to avoid contact with make up or perfumes.

Loss of patina is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear.

Our gold pieces are usually made of 9ct gold. In gold, carat is a measure of purity and 24 carat (ct) gold is considered the purest. But pure gold is not practically usable in jewellery because it’s a soft metal. It needs to be mixed with alloys to make it more durable and resistant to scratching and denting.  Bespoke pieces can be made with 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold, based on your preference.

We also set our jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones. These gemstones are carefully evaluated for quality before becoming part of our pieces.

While there are several specialized ways to clean your gold jewellery, a soft toothbrush, mild dish soap and warm water usually does the trick to keep them bright and sparkly again.